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Timber Frame New Builds

Timber Frame New Builds

Building a new timber frame home is an exciting experience. You have the chance to create an environment to reflect your personal taste and enhance your lifestyle.

Choosing a timber frame home is just the start…

At Merge Building, we know variety is an essential part of life, so we’ve made sure versatility is an essential part of how we do business.

We understand you might prefer a double-brick home. No problem. Our talented team’s expertise and range of residential building experience means we can build it for you.

And if you’re looking for innovative building ideas, we stay up-to-date with changes and improvements in approved Australian building practices. Just share your ideas with us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

So, whether you have a set of approved plans, a basic design or your new home is still a concept, Merge Building is here for you.


Timber vs Brick

What are the differences?


Brick builds are slower due to the materials and techniques used. A timber frame build is preferable if there are time constraints as they can be up and installed within a week if all is planned well.

Merge work closely with local timber merchants to make sure they are able to deliver to the required project plan so that you get your frames up and ready in good time.

Another huge benefit of a timber frame building is that once they are up, the interior can be started immediately, unlike in a brick building where drying out and finishing are important.

Some experts have stated that the time difference can be anywhere up to 3 months! This is huge impact on your project, especially if you have had to move out for the duration of the project.


You would assume that brick materials would cost a lot more than timber but material wise, timber and brick builds are around the same.

The speed of the build is where the cost savings kick in as building with timber can save you months. This saves huge labour costs and also means that the impact of your daily routine can go back to normal much quicker, which will greatly improve your mental health!

Precise project planning is key to getting the full benefits. Here at Merge building, Ashleigh is not only proficient in building, she is also adept in project management. Putting all these skills together is what sets her apart from other building companies.


With the right planning and construction, timber homes are actually better scoring in emissions and energy efficiency.

The only place timber frame homes lose to masonry houses is in the heat retention from the sun i.e. heat from the sun is stored in a stone building for longer!

Energy efficency can be achieved by installing wall and ceiling batts rated as per the energy efficiency report and to make sure its been installed correctly to manufacturer guidelines.


With the modern techniques and regulations put in place from the NCC (National code of construction), you can rest assured that going down the timber route is as safe and stable as a brick build.

Merge works with the best local suppliers to ensure the quality and construction of your project fall in line with current regulations, BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) and best practices.

We don’t just build beautiful homes
– we build beautiful relationships.

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