Custom designed timber decking that will transform your garden

If you’re looking to add or update your deck, look no further than your Perth based boutique builder, Merge Building.

Over the years we’ve built timber decks for Perthies, and they are one of the most satisfying projects to work on.

Perth’s climate is undoubtedly the best in the world. A deck is exactly what you need to tie your home together.

We build our decks with industry best, Newtech wood for our composite decks and for hardwood decks we trust non other than WA local, Mortlock.

With the correct installation and maintenance, your deck will last you at least 25-30 years. Newtech guarantee their product with a 25 year warranty so you can be 100% confident with a composite decking.


What you need to know when getting a timber deck built or replaced

In any decking project, we handle all this for you.

Its important to know the regulations when deciding to add a deck to your home, so as a general rule, most councils require decking to be submitted for planning approval.

If the decking project is over $20k it must be submitted for a building permit, which will then require engineering and details plans drawn up.

For each project, one of our building staff will always need to measure the size.

Even if it is for replacement of boards as an inspection of the sub-frame and spacing’s of the existing joists to ensure that the new boards can span the distance required.

General cost

To get a rough estimate on the cost per square meter of a good quality deck, you’ll be looking at around $250 per m2.

Price depends on a few aspects, such as the design of your deck and the type of wood / material you’ll be wanting to go for.


Maintaining your deck to get the best out of it.

Depending on the type of deck you end up going for, you’ll want to keep it maintained to getting the longest life span you can out of it.

NewTech decks come with a 25 year manufacture guarantee and do have the advantage of not needing to be maintained other than a good clean after the winter.

Timber decks will need a bit attention such as cleaning thoroughly to get rid of dirt and mould and re-oiling at the same frequency.

This will maintain the life span of the wood and keep the timber from being damaged from the sun.

Before and After re-oiling a deck

*Pic from our friends at Wood Finishes Direct

What are signs that you should replace your deck?

The main reason decks need to be replaced is if the initial installation has not been carried out properly.

Installation issues can be varied from the timber sub-framing not being sufficient for the decking boards, incorrect fixings used.

Spacing between boards are not adequate for air-flow which causes boards to cup and buckle can be another issue to watch out for.

Other times where a deck would need replacing is when the decking maintenance has not be kept up.

This results in the timber drying out – this can cause the timber to splinter/crack.

As we mentioned before, oiling the deck keeps the moisture in the timber and prevents it from drying out.

If the timber is in sound condition eg. no dry rot, a simple solution of sanding the existing boards back and oiling them to save the decking.

Newer composite decking would need to be replaced due to incorrect installation or if cheaper products are not living up to the expectation.

To keep your mind at ease, we only use the highest quality products on the market.


Jean-Paul and I would like to thank yourself and your crew is your professionalism and patience during our kitchen renovation and for introducing us to some amazing tradesmen.
Thank you to a job well done

We only use trusted brands

Mortlock Timber
Johns Building Supplies
WA Timber

As long as the deck is properly installed you will be looking at a life span of around 25 years.