We recommend Colorbond® for your roof restoration project

Here at Merge building we only use the best materials for roofing restoration projects. When we restore a roof, we’ll always recommend going with the industry leader, Colorbond.

It has been tried and tested to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and will last an exceptionally long time, meaning once you’ve had a new roof installed, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you have picked the best.

With 28 colours in the current range, you’ll have plenty of options to match your current decor.

Colorbond has evolved into the market leader over the last 50 years and with a wider range and more product guarantees on its roofing products, you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best installed in your home.

Ashleigh at Merge values the aesthetics of a build as much as the quality of the build ensuring you get the highest level of construction Perth has to offer.


What should you consider in a roofing restoration project?

Common areas that need to be considered would be:

  • The noise of the roof when it rains.
  • Thermal insulation of the roof.
  • The cost of the project.
  • Planning permission.

We’ll go through these questions here.

You can also book in a call with Ashleigh or getting in touch via our contact page.

Are Colorbond roofs noisey?

Colorbond roofs are quiet when installed properly. Non tiled roofs as you can imagine, would make noise when the rain comes, especially when you get the big sudden downpours that Perth is known for.

When we install a Colorbond roof, we ensure that we add in an acoustic covering before applying the roof. This is to ensure you have the best quality and sound reduction possible.

This type of installation will keep you sound asleep when the rain comes during the night, so you’ll wake up refreshed the next morning.

When installing a new roof, we recommend anti-con which helps with the condensation that naturally forms combined with Thermatech by Colorbond to give your roof the full acoustic and thermal treatment.

How much does it cost to re-roof a home with Colorbond?

On average, you’ll be looking $80-$120 per m2.

This is based on the type of sheeting you are looking to get installed.

The higher end will give you better acoustic and thermal insulation keep things quiet and cool in the winter and summer months.

Installing a Colorbond roof on your timber home build means that you are looking at some of the best materials and time saving processes available.

Metal vs Tile

For a new home build, a metal roof can be quicker to install and maybe the correct choice to go for.

However, when switching from a tile roof to tin, there are some other areas that need to be considered:

  • Tie down systems (due to change in weight of the roof cover).
  • New battening.
  • Waste removal…
  • …and worse case scenario – especially on older houses packing out existing timbers to make the frame work seamless.  We find that older roofs have sagged due to the weight of the tiles and insufficient propping of the framework to support the weight.

Tiles over time will need to be maintained, either from accidental cracked tiles and ridge-capping or due to fading and the exterior coating breakdown requiring the tiles to be cleaned and re-surfaced/re-sprayed.

Here at Merge building we value the full process of a restoration and take care of each aspect of your project. Book us in for a consultation so we can get you the best advice for your project.

LET’S CHAT ABOUT YOUR ROOFING PROJECT.Colorbond Roof - Perfect for your roofing restoration project

Roof restoration VS Full Re-roofing

This depends on a number of factors:

  • Aesthetics – Are you looking to maintain the current look of your roof to keep in line with the house?
  • Cost – Finding a leak in in roof can sometimes be impossible. Depending on the current condition of the roof, a full re-roof might be a cheaper option to go with rather than looking to repair.
  • Newer tech – As we progress with roofing materials and tech, it might be a much quicker option to replace the entire roof.

Having solar panels fitted to tile roofs can cause issues if the framing has not been re-enforced. 

If you suspect that this was not done, its better to act quicker to get that repaired as we have seen this happen to a few of our clients.

While considering a re-roof, I often suggest to look at the existing ceiling insulation, Especially if its the old blow in type, this has awful thermal properties and is just messy to have in the ceiling space.

While converting from tile to tin, its the perfect time to get this removed and install new ceiling batts.

Merge work with partners that specialise in this process, to make sure its done to the highest level.

With better noise and thermal installation coming out to market it can be a huge benefit for you to replace the entire roof.

The project may work out to be above budget, but as a roof can last up to 60 years, the savings in electricity and heating/cooling will out weigh the initial cost.

Here at Merge, we’ll talk you through all the steps and considerations you need when looking at fixing or changing your current roof.


Do you need planning permission?

Again, this depends on the project scale.

Ashleigh at Merge will look into all of the permits required for your project.

Its her attention to deal and years of experience that you will have on hand when you partner with Merge building and these are the skills that ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Jean-Paul and I would like to thank yourself and your crew is your professionalism and patience during our kitchen renovation and for introducing us to some amazing tradesmen.
Thank you to a job well done

We only use trusted brands

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You’ll be looking at between $80-$120 per m2.

It will depend of the type of product you are looking at.