Maintain your colorbond steel

How to maintain Colorbond steel

Now that you’ve had a brand new Colorbond roof or fence installed in your home, you’ll want to make sure that you maintain Colorbond steel to get the best out of it.

Its very simple to do and will ensure that you get the longest life span out of it.

Areas that are regularly washed naturally by fresh rainwater won’t need much extra cleaning other than to get leaves or mud off.

Areas that are not, such as the underside of a roof or the inside of a garage door will need cleaning.

These areas don’t get the natural clean from rain water as the outdoor areas.

For these areas, you want to hose them down every 6-12 months to keep them clean.

Information is sourced from the Colorbond website.

Cleaning with a hose
Yes, cleaning can be great fun

For homes that are placed right on the WA coast, its recommended to wash them with fresh water more regularly.

Similarly, in areas in near industrial areas, its recommended to clean more frequently.

What not to do…

When you maintain Colorbond steel, don’t grab a rough metal pad if you see some dirt build up.

As the visible areas are finished with one of the huge range of paint finishes, you want to avoid harsh cleaning tools.

This will avoid scratching the surface and ruining the look.

For dirt that is stubborn, just a small bit of soap and a sponge and a bit of patience is all you need to get it clean.

When using soap, make sure that you rinse everything with fresh water to get all the soap residue off.

Never use anything abrasive as a soap such as turps or paint thinners as this will damage the steel.

Does Colorbond fade?

In a word, yes. Like everything, over time the color will fade, but, you can make the color last if you keep your roof or fence maintained.

If you live in a harsh area, weather wise, its probably better to go with a lighter hue of color for your roof.

Somewhere more protected like in the Perth hills with a bit of tree shade, the color will be more protected.

Should you use a pressure washer to clean?

There is absolutely no need to use anything other than a normal garden hose to clean your roof or fence.

Pressure washing is a lot of fun, but the high intense water can damage the top layer over time so its best to avoid it.

Can you walk on your roof to clean it?

Most will advise against it as it can be dangerous, but if your roof is installed by one of our Merge staff, we will tell you where is safe to walk.

Basic tip: Walk on the flat areas, they’re the safest.

Walking on the raised parts has potential to dent the roof section.


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